Welcome to the Greytown Rail Trail! The Trail is available all year round for a variety of activities. This site explains how you can get there, the history of the trail and what to see when you’re there.

We love your feedback as it helps us know what needs more work. Our volunteers are often out on the trail and may ask you to complete a questionnaire. Alternatively, please feel free to complete our survey form to let us know.

Upkeep of the Greytown Rail Trail is funded through sponsorship and donations – and a lot of voluntary effort. Please take the opportunity to use our donation form and contribute to the ongoing success of the Trail.

Thank you!

Latest News and Announcements

Beyond our wildest dreams…

Woodside Trail usage

A community-led project has created a great community asset. We installed a trail counter just before Christmas 2021 to find out and record how many people use the trail. We thought perhaps 10,000 to 20,000 people a year would use it.  

In the summer peak of 2021/22,  6000 people users were recorded in one month!

Tauherenikau Trail usage

People are increasingly visiting the new Tauherenikau Trail. Now that it’s no longer a construction zone, we can share user numbers from when the counter was first installed. Again, the early popularity is stunning – we thought we might get 5000 users in the first full year, increasing to 10,000 annually over the next year or two. Imagine what the user numbers will be when the blackberries on the Featherston side are ripe in a month or two (joke).

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