How to get there


There’s always something happening at the Trail – either taking place or in the stages of planning.  Our Events page will list what’s on and provide links for further information.


We regularly see walkers, either individuals or groups taking advantage of the Trail and enjoying a stride out in the fresh air.  The views are wonderful it provides a great opportunity to catch up with friends or just get your thoughts straight and clear your head!


Dog walkers

The Greytown Rail Trail is a great place to walk dogs and you can often see a variety of breeds and owners out on the trail.  In addition, the two water races provide a wonderful opportunity for dogs to paddle or cool-off on warm days.  We are very fortunate that the local land-owners and farmers have given permission for dogs to use the Rail Trail – subject to some ground rules to protect the stock in adjoining paddocks:

  1. Dogs to be kept on leads
  2. Any mess to be cleared up.

The Trust is looking into providing and emptying doggie bins along the trail.  Have your say in our Trail User Survey.



Bike tourism based on Greytown as the Hub:

Imagine a four-day biking visit incorporating the following circuit and targeting the mid-week baby boomer market: retired, empty nester’s, cycle groups etc.

  • Day One (Mon, Tues .)
    • 2 pm. Train to Woodside (free with Gold card) bike travels free on the train! Leisurely roll down new Trail into Greytown.
    • Spend day/afternoon shopping, coffees, Cobblestones, Greytown Park etc before 2 for 1 meal at the Swan , or Top Pub etc
    • Stay overnight. Homestays, pub accommodation etc.
  • Day Two: (Tues, Wed,.)
    • Ride to Gladstone for lunch at “Gladdy” or vineyard via Parkvale,Tiffin Hill etc.
    • Relax by river then good ride via Longbush to Martinborough.
    • Wine taste, dinner at wherever, great accommodation choices!
  • Day Three: ( Wed or Thurs)
    • Morning in Martinborough, or local bike circuit
    • After lunch head south to Tuhitarata turnoff , cross Ruamahunga back via Kahutara, Te Maire rd to the  “Tin Hut “ for dinner.
    • Stay at Racecouse accommodation overnight.
  • Day Four: (Thurs or Fri.)
    • Via Featherston, and Western Lake rd, over the Rimutaka incline and train from Maymorn  to Wellington!

Excellent circuit capitalising on midweek availability of facilities.


Greytown Lions Cycling Without Age

The Greytown Rail Trail is probably the only cycle trail in New Zealand to feature “Cycling Without Age”.

The Cycling Without Age movement began in Denmark in 2012. It involves volunteer ‘pilots’ providing open-air rides for older and less-abled people in a specially-designed trishaw that facilitates conversation and story-telling between passengers and pilot. The concept has already spread to 38 countries.

Greytown Lions are sponsoring Greytown’s Cycling Without Age Chapter. A Lions spokesperson says, ‘We’re delighted to take our passengers along the Rail Trail. It’s a special experience that these folk can get in no other way’.

The photos show a trishaw borrowed by Lions, to trial Cycling Without Age in Greytown. The trial has been such a success that they are now raising funds for their own machine.

For more information, visit our Facebook page.


The Trail is a great 10km round-trip, straight and (almost) flat.  You can pick one of a number of turn-around points to shorten the distance.

We hope to build up a list of local running clubs with links.

Can we attract a ParkRun to GRT??

What is Park run?


After the Trail…?

We love getting your feedback.  Your impressions help us shape the continuing development of the Trail and help us focus our funding for best effect.  Please take the trouble to complete a copy of the Survey Form.  When you hit “Submit”, your comments are stored and reviewed at the next committee meeting.  “Every comment is listened to!!”  A printable version is available if you would prefer to complete by hand.