During the meeting of the Greytown Trails Trust on Tuesday 19th Feb 2019, the committee approved the introduction of advertising on the Greytown Rail Trail website.  This follows a successful 6-month trial of a single advert.
The Trust established the following constraints intended to retain the character of the website and continue to attract our target market.

  1. No more than 10 advert “spaces” across the whole site.  Individual adverts are able to cycle through the spaces.  Thus there is the potential for more than 10 advertisements to occupy the 10 spaces.
  2. All applications to advertise to be sent to the committee for approval.  This will maintain the tone and appearance our visitors expect.
  3. No “pop-up” ads will be approved.
  4. Advertisers will be invited to submit 1 image, 1 web link and 1 paragraph of text from which to build their advert.  This will maintain the tone and appearance, and prevent “sprawl”.
  5. A charge of $300 per annum is made to the advertiser and to be paid through the charging mechanism on the website. We thank you for using this approach, which reduces the administrative burden on our voluntary trustees.

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