How do you begin to recognise the enormous investment of all those who make the Greytown Rail Trail what it is?  The financial contributors alone occupy a huge cross-section of the community.  But that only represents a small part of the massive support organisation.  There are many who regularly give their time to maintaining the Trail and keeping it beautiful.  On this page, we hope to say “Thank you” to a sample of those kind souls and organisations who continue to take the Trail forward.


We are grateful to the following organisations for their continuing support and contributions of time, skill-sets and sponsorship.

The Greytown Trails Trust wish to acknowledge the great work Citycare are doing in their part to maintain the rail trail with their mowing services”. Your duty to care is appreciated.

Previous Sponsors

Many organisations in the area have supported the Trust in getting the Trail to where it is today.

Also remembered for their work on the Trail

Bruce Buchanan

Greytown Trails Trust

The Greytown Trails Trust was formed as a charitable trust No CC57377 in 2010 to complete the Greytown Trail. It runs 5.1kms from Cotter Street in the township, to Woodside station following the old railway track that operated from 1880’s to 1953.

The objectives are to promote walking and cycling access through farmland completely separate from vehicular traffic promoting safety, fitness, family and group activities and historical associations. Access to the Trail is free with users contributing via honesty boxes.

The Cycle Trail uses paper roads and easements through private farming properties.

Greytown has an opportunity to become the hub of cycling and walking tracks in the South Wairarapa, linking to the Rimutaka Incline. The Trail complies with and builds on the policy objectives of both the South Wairarapa District Council (SWDC) and the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC).

It may also link in with planned developments from the Woodside station to meet up with the ‘Lions’ walkway giving a round trail from the township of some 10kms. Its historical association with the original rail track is complemented by lines of 100 year old oak trees.

Starting in 2009, substantial consultation took place with the Greytown community and associated groups in the Wairarapa, Wellington and national levels. This covers the New Zealand Walkways Commission, SWDC, Greytown Community Board, Taratahi Agricultural Training College, Kuranui College, Rotary, and Lions.

The NZ Walkways Commission is particularly interested in assisting in a range of areas and ownership.

A management committee was established initially and had access to high levels of professional assistance including land use, media skills, engineering, legal, political and business management.  Subsequently an initial Trust (consisting of 3 – 7 trustees) was set up and the Trust deed drawn up by WCM Legal.

A group called “The Friends of the Traill” has been established from whom funds for upkeep of the Trail will be obtained via membership fees, donations and fundraising.   This group elects the Trust members every 3 years.

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